Do Not Give Out Your Access Token To Anyone, Here’s Why:-

Has anyone ever asked you for your Access Token or a piece of code from your browser when Stick Run is opened? If so, DO NOT give them your access token or that piece of code.

The reason why we’re telling you this is because your Access Token contains information & permissions of your account. If a hacker gets access to your access token, he can modify your Facebook account depending on what permissions were given.

Giving someone your access token can lead to your items getting stolen, as they can log in to your Stick Run account with the help of your access token.

Hackers usually find their target by making posts claiming that they have a hack which can give you a lot of items or features. In exchange, they demand your access token or a piece of code from the Stick Run page. Please note that the piece of code will contain your access token.

If anyone ever claims to have a hack for Stick Run or promises to give you a lot of items in exchange for your access token, do not give it to them, as they’re all fake! A lot of people are getting hacked every day because of this. So to prevent getting hacked & your items stolen, do not give out your access token to anyone, even if he/she is your friend.



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