How Was Stick Run Made, And What Were The Programming Languages Used?


A lot of people had asked us, what was Stick Run made with and what programming languages were used. So in this article we will explain how Stick Run was made and what programming languages were involved.

Basically, Stick Run is made up of four programming languages which are ActionScript 3 for Flash related stuff, C# For server side stuff, PHP for various online features and JavaScript for basic uses such as the responsive feature in the GiftCode shop.

Stick Run was first made using ActionScript 2 in the beginning and later changed to ActionScript 3. If you were wondering what software was used to make the game and it’s designs, it is a software called as Adobe Flash CS6.

ActionScript 3 coding and game UI development was done with the help of Adobe Flash CS6. Stick Run uses PlayerIO services for the multiplayer features to work, and powerful dedicated servers in order to host the game and it’s server side scripts. The game also uses SQL in order to store player related information.

We hope this answers your questions.


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