What Was The “Send Item” Feature & Why Was It Removed?

If you’re an old Stick Run Player, you definitely would have heard about the “Send Item” feature which was introduced in the game back in 2014, however, did you know why the feature was removed?

The sole purpose of this feature was to send items to another player without any marketplace deal hassle. However, slowly this feature was abused by hackers, & items were being duplicated. This feature was also another way account hackers could have easily transferred the items to their own accounts, and that is why the feature was removed.

Below is a glimpse of how the feature would look in the game back then:-

Image courtesy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mb-oOqEhgU (Marko)

This feature was also causing a lot of complications in the game & item loss to innocent players if they had opened up a malicious Facebook app. The feature was abused really badly, and that was another reason why the developer had to remove this feature.


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