Top 10 Stick Run Facts You May Have Not Known About!

After a long time, we’re back with another Stick Run facts article! In this article, we will tell you ten Stick Run facts you may not have known about.



Did you know, before the second time release of the Golden Bro Cap, it was a Blacklisted item, and no one could trade/use it. The Golden Bro Cap was first launched as a Rare item & was rewarded to players who had liked the developer’s Fanpage on Facebook. However, due to hackers, it had to be Blacklisted.



Did you know there was a mystery item in the game back in 2014 and was given to very few players. The item had started spreading a lot, so Manuel Otto had changed this item to the Poop item. The use of this item is unknown till now.

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Did you know that back in 2014-2015, the Sailor Hat item was changed from a Normal class item to a Rare class item for a day or two so that players who were poor could experience owning a rare item. However, this was later reversed back because players were abusing this item.


Did you know that there’s a small easter egg in all new marketrooms in the Ultra rare area, you can see small text scribbled “Mwni Was Here”. Although it’s not known why it’s there, however it has surprised a lot of people.


Did you know, if you closely notice your pet at random times, you can see it talking random things about you or itself. These thoughts don’t appear regularly, however, it has been noticed that when your pet is hungry, the thoughts appear on top for a few seconds and then fade away.


Did you know that the Super Magic Tikki Hat & Pilot Hat were the first ultra rares when launched, however, they were changed to rare class items because the quantity of the items was a lot in the game.


Did you know that when the Ninja Kick item was released, it was a normal class item, yet was worth a few premium items, however, it was changed to premium class later.

Did you know that the Diamond skin & the Stick Run Skin cannot be bought in the premium shop anymore?



There is a 100 Coin Stack item in the game, and no one knows why it exists. It’s a normal class item & isn’t worth much, but it’s rare to be found.


Did you know there was a funny Stick Run Tikki hat promotion video made by the Stick Run Team Member Michael Gindert? Check it out below!

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