Do You Know Why Blue Chips/Second Chance Chips Were Removed From The Game?

If you’re an old Stick Run player, you should have definitely heard about the old item which was known as the Second Chance Chips/Blue Chips; This item is a little mystery to some, as most new players do not know what was the purpose of this item.

The actual reason why this item was added to the game was that back in the day when players would play a lot of Singleplayer, they would die in a very high score & they would like to continue from there as a second chance. The sole purpose of this item was to give the player a second chance in the Singleplayer.

This item was also a Tradable item back in the day. Players used to trade it in exchange for other items & were used in the Singleplayer. Below is an image of how it used to look in the game:-

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The actual reason why this item was removed was that there were too many people hacking this item and selling it for a cheap price. Hackers were adding a lot of these items to the game.

Although you can still get these chips from the Singleplayer, they cannot be bought or traded in sectors anymore. This item is now a blacklisted item in the game.


  1. Why the administrators did not stop the hackers instead of deleting this item ?? Is that they could not or what ??? I suppose reconsider on this subject !! Because players really want it to happen! Please listen to our requests

    and thanks !!

  2. Why the SRT blacklisted that item , and they didn’t find a another solution for this problem ? I think SRT must make that item enable to trade . If hackers appear SRT mustn’t delete that item and must find an another solution !

    That’s my opinion . Thanks for reading !

    -Mr_Stam , Gamer-Youtuber-Editor

  3. Saying that blue chips should be added in game for me is a bad idea, cuz the odds of hackers using the item is high and also figuring out the hackers is a hard task to do. Keep in mind its not easy for SR Team.

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